The Image of Cooking in the Future

These days, everything is shared on social media, and people are also used to having information at their fingertips. There’s a new service that can bring even more information to you in ways you never thought about before. In addition to the influx of information, there is also a wave of DIY sweeping the nation. This includes all things cooking and kitchen. People are wanting to grow their own food, store and save it, and make themselves unique and exciting dishes. People are also looking for ways to save money and make efficient meals for work and home. With the juxtaposition between wanting to be creative and wanting to save money, and wanting to try new cooking trends while also finding ideas for easy meals to take to work. Imagpic is a company with a new idea that can give you a convenient way to display recipes and the accessories that come along with cooking such as flatware, dishes, and linens.

What imagpic Can Do For You

Browsing the Internet has become just a constant barrage of information, and some of the most popular site features a bevy of information in one place, and that is the key. Gone are the days where we find the content we need by browsing through a multitude of links and sites. Instead, we want easy access at our fingertips and we want it all in one place. Imagpic, similar to apps like Houzz, takes pictures and allows you to add links to certain spots in the picture, giving pricing information as well as links to purchase the items. This revolutionizes the way people can consume blogs and the features within them. Rather than reading about a product and having to search for all of the components, one can simply hover over it in a picture and see the price and location.

What imagpic Means for Your Business

Using Imagpic for you cooking or house wares blog can really bring the whole thing together, especially if you are selling wares or wanting to share a new recipe while also showing off your new table setting. There really is no limit to what the program can do for you, and there is so much information that can now be shared in a picture, it will save on linking, typing, and expand on ideas. Whereas before in order to share a product or someone’s recipe there was a lot of hyper linking involved, which meant copy, pasting, and coding, now a simple picture can get the entire point across with as much information as you wish to share. The information shows up as small green dots on the picture ensuring the photo is still enjoyable, and the information is reaccessible as much as you need it.

Imagpic Example Scenarios

For further understanding on just how greatly imagpic can change how you view information and interact with customers, here is a sample of how the program may be used:

Imagine a crisp picture of an arugula salad with cranberries and feta cheese on a lovely blue plate with a whimsical centerpiece and a patterned napkin. In a normal blog situation, there would be an explanation about whatever you’re selling, the recipe, the hand-sewn napkin, the custom sculpted centerpiece, or the plates. With Imagpic, each item is instead tagged in the picture with the price, description, and link to purchase or the salad recipe, cutting down on time spent for you writing and coding as well as for the reader searching for what they are interested in. This means everyone is happy because there is less time spent between reading and doing, which is important when it comes to culinary endeavors. The ease of just posting a picture to create content cuts time, and studies show that people are more interested in minimal, impactful content, meaning that consumers don’t miss the words, preferring instead to get the point of the post as soon as possible.

Scenario Two Features the Site Builder:

This time, see yourself writing about your latest recipe, wanting to share a picture, but wanting to give credit to your friend that made the napkin featured in your picture. If included in the body of your text, it is likely to get overlooked, and just the logistics of adding hyperlinks, explanations, and sending traffic away from your site can be daunting. Instead, having a link on the picture, that will show the price and basic information while hovering is much more likely to be seen, and traffic will stay on your site if they aren’t interested in that particular piece since they know exactly what the link will show them.

Is imagpic Right for Your Blog

In short, probably yes. People are drawn to pictures more than words and love having loads of information right at their fingertips. If you run a cooking blog or site that utilizes pictures at all, chances are people will be interested in the tools you use, the recipes you create, and the plating techniques, and they will be more likely to consume that information if it is laid out in front of them, on one picture that can easily be scrolled over to find the most basic info such as pricing and location, as well as ingredients. Imagpic is the wave of the future in web browsing, right now. Adding it to your blog or shop now will intrigue people, and when they realize the convenience, they’ll spread the info via word of mouth. Try imagpic today for a sense of the ease and accessibility.

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