The Reason Why You Never Have to Meet Bridezilla


Any person who has ever been in the wedding industry, whether you sell or rent out wedding dresses, have a venue or specialize in favors, the infamous Bridezilla is bound to surface at some point in your career. The trick here is to not take anything personally, as her frustration is not with you; there are a lot of pressure points that are tested on a daily basis. For a bride, the planning of her special day is not only one of the most beautiful, but can also be one of the most stressful. It is only a matter of time when some of this stress will rub off on you. This can all be avoided, by creating a platform for this bride to do all her shopping and browsing in the comfort of her own home, sipping a glass of wine and taking in all the advice of her trusted friends and family.

Why would this work?

Any bride anywhere in the world has the same frustration: running around trying to find things that should be readily available. There is just no end to the requirements for that special day.
Depending on whether you would be providing all the related services, there are so many aspects to a wedding that need to be taken care of. These are just a few ideas of what could be available as a product offering to your clients:

  1. The scene is a bride sitting on a chaise, staring out of a beautiful bay window into the distance: green rolling hills and a misty forest in the background. Her hair is perfection, and her jewellery pieces enough to make hearts melt. Her makeup is expertly applied. Her shoes are beside her on the chaise and her purse and shawl as well. The shelf next to the chaise has her fragrance and bouquet. From this photo, there is a wealth of information that can be made available to your client:
    • The bride’s dress supplier or dressmaker details can be added. If pre-made, the sizes can be added as well.
    • If the bride has any hair accessories, this can be tagged separately and the suppliers hereof listed and direct ordering links provided.
    • The jeweller can be added, whether custom made or pre-bought.
    • The fragrance can be tagged as well, and the links provided.
    • Hair, make-up and spa treatments need not be left in the dark.
    • Accessories like purse and shawl, as well as shoes can easily be added.
    • It is not limited to the bride and accessories, you an even tag in the venue, with a link to their packages.
    • The photographer can also be tagged to ensure that all bases are covered.
    • If you want to take it a step further, have plane tickets and a brochure displayed on the shelf beside the fragrance, and honeymoon destinations and carriers can easily be tagged in as well.
  2. The scene is an exquisitely decorated marquee tent, with chandeliers and fairy lights adding much needed lighting. The marquee houses a small stage, with a three piece band. In front of the stage is a wooden deck dance floor. Guests are seated at beautifully decorated tables. Candles float in water features add a soft glow to the reception. Waiters carrying trays of scrumptious dinners are spotted. To the one side, a cake table can be spotted with a three tier cake, ready to be cut. Just next to it is a gift table, which is stacked with colourful gift boxes. A videographer is standing nearby to film the bridal couple as they are about to open the dance floor.
    • The rental services for the marquee, tables, chairs and linens can be added as a dot.
    • The flowers and table decorations are a definite must have.
    • Your clients now have an option to work with lighting companies, as the rental companies may only have standard lighting.
    • The videographer’s details are crucial if you have a bride that requires these services.
    • The band’s information can be listed under different categories, for instance violin players, acoustic guitar, pianists, etc.
    • The caterer and baker’s details can be linked as well.
    • You can add an additional service to your bridal party, and include a gift registry service.

How does imagpic incorporate all this information?

If all of the information were just written on the photo as is, not only would the photo look a bit busy, you would also not be able to make out head or tails of what the photo is trying to tell you. Instead, Imagpic has come up with visible but unobtrusive dots to mark on the photo that further information is available. Once you click on the dot, information such as supplier, price and a possible link is displayed. (See here how it works) You also have the option of displaying all the information that is available on the page in a panel, to ensure you have not missed any information. A lot of research for weddings is now being done on the internet, and by having a one-stop shop for your brides, this will certainly fill the gap. An interesting concept to also add to this would be the groom’s point of view regarding this. By adding a section specifically for the groom that does not only include a suit and shoes, but also details of barbers, where they can find bowties, special socks, custom made wedding bands etc. there is really no need for your customers to shop around. By providing a platform for your client to shop in peace and comfort, the roads to the competitors close down and will ensure that you don’t end up losing business. Internet shopping has become a reality, and this platform is much needed in order to ensure sustainability. What will set you apart from your competitors however; will be in the unique way your products and services are offered.