How Would Steve Jobs Presents Your Startup?


(Crowd noises and applause as Steve appears on stage)
Steve Jobs: Hey, thanks for being here (Loud applause)
It’s great to see you today!

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs gives a wave at the conclusion of the launch of the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco

Jobs: A few things first. We’ve just had our 100th billion app uploaded from Apple Store last week. That’s a billion with a B, that’s a really large number. (Laughs)
Now, we also run 85% of all iPhones on iOS 8. Remarkable adoption of a system that is less than 6 months old.

If you look at our competitors, they have not been able to match the balance between hardware and software adoption. When you think about it, these other companies have complicated ways of delivering products and software – a complicated ecosystem that’s open to market forces is harder to manage.

We do something really simple: We create delightful products and software that just work and do something phenomenal. It’s remarkable to think about the power of making things people want and just selling them. (Applause)

steve-110303-0 (1)

Jobs: Boy, do we have something special for you today. It’s one of the best apps we’ve made.

With the iPod, we brought you the world of music in your pocket.

With the iPhone, we brought you world of the Internet in your pocket.

Today, we’ll take you into the world inside your pictures, right in your pocket.

So, how do we re-imagine your photos?


Jobs: Some of our friends think the answer is using a filter.
We love filters but who wants more of them? (Laughter)

Pictures are very easy to snap on your iPhone. Our customers like to keep many of them on their devices and on iCloud. Boy, they store some great memories.

I like to take photos of things to remember, like my shopping list (Laughter).
I take pictures of things I know are worth the memory so I can return to them later.
Today, Apple reinvents images. We’re calling it imagpic.

Here’s what it looks like:

Profile Pic

Jobs: It’s simple and useful. (Loud cheers) Just brilliant. This is the best photo technology improvement since iPhone. It’s probably one of the most useful features you will ever find in images. (Laughter) Now everyone can create a simple list of things in their photos and share them with their friends.

If you are a blogger, you can use it to help people find things. It’s very easy to do – You can connect it to your store or find products that you buy and share them with friends. It’s seamless.

When you help people find thing they want, it just makes it a little easier for them to buy something.


Jobs: We made sure you can make these tags very easily – use new image technology to recognize different items in your pictures – this will save you a lot of time. As you load your pictures, the app automatically recognizes and displays all the tags for you. It’s incredible – now you have a great picture and can make a little money by showing it to your friends.

Whenever I find something interesting in the pictures on my iPhone, I just load it to my app and show them to all my blog visitors naturally.

Here’s what your picture tagging looks like on your iMac.

Jobs: It’s the easiest way to do e-commerce in the world – loading an image with items I already own and showing a friend where to buy it.

A lot of busy people I know always look for some cool thing they see in pictures online just to never find them or lose interest. I think that’s a waste.

Your instant vision of using that product is lost forever, shopping is an impulse.


Jobs: So what’s a computer and phone company doing making e-commerce apps? Well, Apple is a software company. We make things easy to use.

Imagpic will change the way you work and it will change the way you shop. It takes your creative mind and adds some extra magic to it.

I use this app every day. It brings a smile to my face each time I tag some pictures and make few bucks. We donate all this money to Bill and Melinda’s foundation – we just donated $100,000 last week. (Applause)


Jobs: So how much does it cost?

You could pay someone to build a similar app, $10,000 – $100,000 depending on how good you want it to be. We spent a lot more money building this product to be excellent.

The imagpic is available today for FREE. It is the best photo commerce app you’ve ever used.

It has some great technology that helps visitors to your blog imagine products as if they already owned them. It’s elegant and useful to your friends and site visitors.

Free for 60 days, then $99 per month
You can upload imagpic from App store today (Applause)


Jobs: Oh, and one more thing (Loud cheering)

We have teamed up with the top 100 fashion bloggers from around the world to offer you imagpic on your favorite fashion blog immediately.

They tell the most remarkable stories with their pictures and we want you to enjoy the fashion and be able to buy the goods with one easy click!

Thank you. (Applause)

(Steve exits the stage and the event is over)


 Inspired by: "Steve Jobs Reinvents the Pen"