Fashion at Your Fingertips


Scrolling through endless magazines to get some fashion inspiration is not an easy task if you don’t have the time on your hands. The world has become a place of readily available information, and whoever is the quickest to provide the information, is the one who gets the foot traffic and satisfied clients.

This is not limited to the financial, business or retail environment. The fashion industry is no exception to the rule and should accept that there is quite a bit of competition in terms of capturing a market willing to spend. Remember the instances where you page through a high end fashion magazine, and you fall in love with an outfit. To your utter dismay, the only details available are those for the earrings as that is what is actually being advertised. All the rest are labelled as model’s own. It’s up to you to find these items individually on various clothing house websites, Amazon, etc.

Fashion Friendly Shopping

Shopping for fashionable gear should be a walk in the park, and having everything right at your fingertips is what imagpic sets out to do. When you look at an image, it should do more than brighten up a page, it should in fact be an open platform in which to delight your customers. Photo shoot styling should be set up in such a way that as much information as possible is available to your customer. When looking at a photo, there should be nothing in it that is not available to your customer. Model’s own will not be a problem for shoppers, as they browse even the tiniest detail. The limits to what your customers have access to, is determined solely by you.

How does imagpic bring the photo to life?

Your customers will now be able to scroll through endless photos and marking products they wish to purchase. The image will not be obscured, as dots highlight areas where your customer can browse for information on the product. The dots will not obscure the greater image; however, will be clear enough for your potential customers to see. There is really no limit of what can be included, and this is at the user’s discretion.

What would a typical photo contain?

An example of this would be a photo of a fashion model, in a summer shoot, wearing a bikini, sandals and having numerous accessories around her.

The following is what could be done:

  • You can tag her sandals, and have available stockists linked to the dot. You can go as far as having links or even Geotag them. Internet based companies can also be linked, and will be directed to their sites with ease.
  • You can tag her bikini, and even have the option of adding information on other available styles be revealed when one of the dots are clicked.
  • All the accessories can also be tagged, to ensure that maximum use of the photo is explored.
  • Background items, for instance, a handbag on a counter or a pair of sunglasses on the coffee table can also be tagged, and therefore will provide your client with full accessibility to every fashion piece in the photo.

Why use imagpic?

Shoppers are geared towards convenience nowadays, as days are getting shorter and lives are getting busier. Whether you are a young executive or a busy mom or dad, popping out to the shops in order to pull together a few outfits is just not as easy as it seems nowadays. The flipside of this is where you are able to run into a shop, buy what you want, and then get stuck because you don’t have suitable accessories or shoes to complete the outfit. The difficult part about shopping at a store, is that full outfits and accessories aren’t grouped together, which requires you to run around the shop looking for stuff. Pairing might not be as easy as it sounds, and it would end up taking a lot of time. Not only will you be running around various shops, looking for the perfect pieces, you will also have to compete with other shoppers to get to the items first. You also run the risk of the items being out of stock, and unfortunately you will only know this when you get there. By using imagpic, you can scroll through a selection of photo books, and collect items in your basket along the way. This can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no worries of running into crazy last item people. Drinking a cup of tea, and listening to your favourite music, with your feet up is definitely a more convenient way to do shopping than running around popping from shop to shop. The era of one stop shopping has arrived, and its important the set the benchmark for the competitors, as opposed to following on something already been done by someone else. Online shopping is the way many shoppers are now spending their money, and it is important to put your shop on the map. The fashion world is no different. In fact, it is growing at a rapid rate as it saves retailers on the actual floor space, rental and overheads.

Are there different options?

The choices here are only limited by your imagination. Bear in mind that each photo that is displayed on your website is an opportunity to not only gain a customer; it is also an opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction. You can incorporate different styles or different looks in the same frame. A perfect example of this would be incorporating a family mock-up that even includes the family. A steadily growing market is that of pet fashion, and by incorporating this into your shoot, you will gain a larger audience. The how is not the important question to ask, as that is easily resolved by design teams and a few brainstorming sessions. The when is crucial here, as every day you are not offering this to your clients, someone else just may.