Interior and Exterior Decorating Wonder Tool


Whether you are young, old, man or women, all have the desire to have a space that is a representation of their personality. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a specific style on a design show, and then, when you visit the shops, you only find builder’s grade or old stock.
Physically going out and doing this kind of shopping need no longer be your headache anymore, you can do this in the comfort of your own home, while keeping an eye on the kids.

Interior: Too many styles to have so few choices

Society is bombarded with styles depicted by a selected few people; however, they may not be the collected styles of every person represented. When you shop online though, it is a little easier as you are able to shop by category.
A frustration for many is the fact that a lot of projects seem easy enough to be done at home, however, when you get to the supplier, the one-size-fits-all approach is often the case. To get the item re-sized is often a mission, and ends up being faulty after your 6 week wait. What online companies however are offering is the opportunity to have the items made to your specifications, and once delivered, for an additional fee they can to the install as well. You have the option overall how much the product is going to cost you, and a lot of these companies are able to allow you to do online tracking of the product. The problem however, is this company does this, and that company does that. It will take the customer endless searches and many grey hairs to find a company that specifically does whichever service you require. By ticking off one item on the list, there are a few more that is more than likely waiting for you when remodeling your home.

How to overcome the search engine overtime

The best way to have all the information at your fingertips would be for all of the information to be linked to a page. This can be done by having a photo of the style in mind. What imagpic does, is bring images to life. On an interior and exterior design website, you have the choice of what you would like to have made available to the customer. If your picture is of a modern loft lounge, the following information can be added to the photo for the client’s ease:

  • The paint used on the walls. Also cladding and wallpaper suppliers and installers can be listed here.
  • The floor treatment can be listed as well, for instance carpet, treated cement, wooden flooring, or floor tiles.
  • The furniture in the room can all be listed.
  • Wall sconces and other electrical fittings.
  • Electronics for instance sound systems and television sets.
  • Fireplace or mock fire place installations.
  • Built-ins or cabinetry.
  • Decorations, paintings and wall clocks can also be tagged.

Not only will this make the search for items listed in the photo easier, it also brings home every aspect of what is required in terms of renovating or building.

You can also theme your pages, and make it accessible to previously untapped markets:

  • Ethereal style (think Lord of the Rings style homes)
  • Gothic
  • Farmhouse
  • Spartan
  • Natural

What about the garden? 

The garden sets the tone for the ambiance you would like to create in your property. By making it easier for consumers to find information regarding this, not only are you creating a relaxed environment for your customers to create a beautiful space, you are also ensuring that your customers know they can find almost anything they require right at their fingertips. Whether this miniature garden or a one that can fit both an Olympic sized swimming pool and a koi pond, in order to create a beautiful space you need access to all the bells and whistles, for instance:

  • Paving and pavers
  • Gravel, sand, ground cover, turf and grass (Artificial or natural)
  • Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees
  • Fencing
  • Swimming pool installations
  • Kiddies play areas, for instance trampolines, jungle gyms and swing sets
  • Outside benches and tables
  • Porch swings
  • Flower pots, wheel barrows, gardening tools

You could also make information available of landscapers to use, and other services required.

Why use imagpic?

There is a wealth of information available on the internet to assist would be renovators,, decorators, designers, builders or buyers in terms of styles and products available, however, they are not always grouped together with the result being that customers delay the renovations or purchases. The other option would be for them to head to the jobs, and ultimately settle for items they did not really want but compromised on. By offering a service where the customer can view an entire scene at a glance, and then make purchases directly from the site, there is no need for them to shop around or not shop at all.

How does imagpic work?

Imagpic takes a photo and brings it to life. The image will not be obscured with writing; instead, information is presented by a relatively small but visible dot. Whichever information you would like to add to that specific aspect of the photo, can be added in here. This is where you would have items such as prices, stockists, colors, sizes and ranges added in. you also have the option of having an access bar, where all the information is available in a panel so as to ensure that you have not missed out on any information. The beauty of having clients browse through different mock ups and taking it from there, is that often when you see an item in isolation, it is not always possible to see how it will be drawn into the rest of the scene. In this way, the customer will have the joy and peace of internet shopping, with the thrill of visiting a showroom. This is a feasible way to not only attract clients, but also maintain them.

Feature image courtesy of: BURLE YATES DESIGN #subtropicalmodernism

A Quick Trip To My Favorite Coffee Shop in NYC


Item 1: Name–Woolrich Women’s Pendulum Stretch Corduroy Shirt
Price–$34.99 – $68.95  |
Description– The pendulum stretch corduroy shirt is a soft, stretchy, lightweight button-down that is very flattering with back shaping darts|
Button-Down Shirts |

Item 2: Name–10k Yellow Gold Curb Link Bracelet, 8″
Price–$60.95  |
Description– Discover the Amazon Curated Collection of fine and fashion jewelry. The expansive selection of high-quality jewelry featured in the Amazon Curated Collection offers everyday values that range from precious gemstone and diamond pieces to the latest fashion designs.|


How Would Steve Jobs Presents Your Startup?


(Crowd noises and applause as Steve appears on stage)
Steve Jobs: Hey, thanks for being here (Loud applause)
It’s great to see you today!

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs gives a wave at the conclusion of the launch of the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco

Jobs: A few things first. We’ve just had our 100th billion app uploaded from Apple Store last week. That’s a billion with a B, that’s a really large number. (Laughs)
Now, we also run 85% of all iPhones on iOS 8. Remarkable adoption of a system that is less than 6 months old.

If you look at our competitors, they have not been able to match the balance between hardware and software adoption. When you think about it, these other companies have complicated ways of delivering products and software – a complicated ecosystem that’s open to market forces is harder to manage.

We do something really simple: We create delightful products and software that just work and do something phenomenal. It’s remarkable to think about the power of making things people want and just selling them. (Applause)

steve-110303-0 (1)

Jobs: Boy, do we have something special for you today. It’s one of the best apps we’ve made.

With the iPod, we brought you the world of music in your pocket.

With the iPhone, we brought you world of the Internet in your pocket.

Today, we’ll take you into the world inside your pictures, right in your pocket.

So, how do we re-imagine your photos?


Jobs: Some of our friends think the answer is using a filter.
We love filters but who wants more of them? (Laughter)

Pictures are very easy to snap on your iPhone. Our customers like to keep many of them on their devices and on iCloud. Boy, they store some great memories.

I like to take photos of things to remember, like my shopping list (Laughter).
I take pictures of things I know are worth the memory so I can return to them later.
Today, Apple reinvents images. We’re calling it imagpic.

Here’s what it looks like:

Profile Pic

Jobs: It’s simple and useful. (Loud cheers) Just brilliant. This is the best photo technology improvement since iPhone. It’s probably one of the most useful features you will ever find in images. (Laughter) Now everyone can create a simple list of things in their photos and share them with their friends.

If you are a blogger, you can use it to help people find things. It’s very easy to do – You can connect it to your store or find products that you buy and share them with friends. It’s seamless.

When you help people find thing they want, it just makes it a little easier for them to buy something.


Jobs: We made sure you can make these tags very easily – use new image technology to recognize different items in your pictures – this will save you a lot of time. As you load your pictures, the app automatically recognizes and displays all the tags for you. It’s incredible – now you have a great picture and can make a little money by showing it to your friends.

Whenever I find something interesting in the pictures on my iPhone, I just load it to my app and show them to all my blog visitors naturally.

Here’s what your picture tagging looks like on your iMac.

Jobs: It’s the easiest way to do e-commerce in the world – loading an image with items I already own and showing a friend where to buy it.

A lot of busy people I know always look for some cool thing they see in pictures online just to never find them or lose interest. I think that’s a waste.

Your instant vision of using that product is lost forever, shopping is an impulse.


Jobs: So what’s a computer and phone company doing making e-commerce apps? Well, Apple is a software company. We make things easy to use.

Imagpic will change the way you work and it will change the way you shop. It takes your creative mind and adds some extra magic to it.

I use this app every day. It brings a smile to my face each time I tag some pictures and make few bucks. We donate all this money to Bill and Melinda’s foundation – we just donated $100,000 last week. (Applause)


Jobs: So how much does it cost?

You could pay someone to build a similar app, $10,000 – $100,000 depending on how good you want it to be. We spent a lot more money building this product to be excellent.

The imagpic is available today for FREE. It is the best photo commerce app you’ve ever used.

It has some great technology that helps visitors to your blog imagine products as if they already owned them. It’s elegant and useful to your friends and site visitors.

Free for 60 days, then $99 per month
You can upload imagpic from App store today (Applause)


Jobs: Oh, and one more thing (Loud cheering)

We have teamed up with the top 100 fashion bloggers from around the world to offer you imagpic on your favorite fashion blog immediately.

They tell the most remarkable stories with their pictures and we want you to enjoy the fashion and be able to buy the goods with one easy click!

Thank you. (Applause)

(Steve exits the stage and the event is over)


 Inspired by: "Steve Jobs Reinvents the Pen"

Through the Looking Glass: The imagpic Experience


The Internet has been with us for a long time. Many of us don’t remember a world that existed without it. We use it every day to do all sorts of things, like sending and receiving correspondence via e-mail, doing our banking, and even buying our groceries. However, bricks and mortar businesses have not yet completely vanished and this is largely due to the fact that, while the Internet is global, products often still need to be sourced locally.

Doing It Yourself

Websites like YouTube and Pinterest, being at the forefront of the social media revolution, are where many of us draw inspiration for DIY in the 21st century. However, after all is said and done, it remains our task to realize what we see, and our projects come down to an interpretation of what sparked our action, largely due to an inability to source the exact same items on display. Often, the end result is a poor imitation of the original but we console ourselves in the notion that “we did the best we could with what we had”. Imagine what would be possible if we could reach in and grab the exact same items right off the image? Until now, our only recourse has been to trawl websites like eBay and Craigslist, relying on serendipity to find what we were looking for and quietly praying that the seller would ship our desired goods to wherever it was that we found ourselves in the global village. Thankfully, due to innovations such as imagpic, those days will soon be at an end for the discerning DIY aficionado.

How Does It Work?

As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words”. Well, with imagpic, a picture can now sell a thousand items. Whether you’re into arts and crafts or home renovation, high definition images that previously would have inspired you from the pages of a magazine can now do more than simply tantalize you. By adding “hotspots”, imagpic will take out the guesswork by giving you value added information regarding items on display as well as links where they can be purchased.

  • Imagine yourself installing a basin into a kitchen counter top. You’ll need to source the materials i.e. the countertop surface and the basin itself. However, do you have the tools you need or safety gear? All these can be arranged as a high definition montage of someone in the process of performing the task. Bright dots or “hotspots” can be arranged around the image on or near all the necessary items needed. Safety goggles to protect the eyes. A drill with a “hole bit”. A tape measure and carpentry pencil. A screwdriver with the correct screws and washers. The correct silicone adhesive. The list goes on and on. It is quite extensive, but as you over your mouse pointer over each hotspot, a value added text box appears, describing the item and its use in the task as well as a hyperlink to “add it to your cart”. The idea is that, by the time you’re done hovering over all the hotspots, you’ll not only have gained access to every item you’ll need, as it appears, but will have learned a few useful tips to help you complete the job as well.

The same principle can be applied to doing arts and crafts, basic vehicle maintenance, masonry, plumbing or any one of a copious amount of similar DIY activities. The real genius behind imagpic is their understanding that a quality image holds an individual’s attention far more effectively than a bunch of copy, a long, drawn out video clip, or indeed, a banner ad. Visitors to their website will linger far longer on their pages, giving their content a better chance of being retained in the minds of those who see them. It’s basic psychology, put into practice for the mutual benefit of the vendor as well as the consumer.

What’s In It For Vendors?

Competition for advertising space in the modern marketplace is more competitive than ever. With literally billions of individual websites vying for traffic, even conventional advertising techniques such as employing Google Ads or the best SEO practices possible cannot guarantee your products ending up in front of potential customers, much less ensuring that those customers actually make a purchase from your business. It has to be said that online algorithms have come a long way in the last decade to allow for targeted marketing like never before. Yet, with all these advancements, the number one headache for manufacturers around the world is still “making the sale”. Imagpic places its vendors’ items in front of a captive audience that compels them to sit up and take notice. The website does something no other online medium allows for: it lets the vendor’s product sell itself!
As an added incentive, this website also offers anyone with a website or blog of their own to generate commission by attaching the imagpic widget to it. Unlike Google Adsense, which can be an eyesore on a website, the image heavy nature of this portal adds a value added benefit of beautifying a website which may, otherwise, be dull and unattractive. Whichever way you look at it, this is a service which is set to revolutionize the online retail space. Every image they post will broaden your horizon both as a consumer as well as a DIY enthusiast.

Feature image courtesy of:

The Reason Why You Never Have to Meet Bridezilla


Any person who has ever been in the wedding industry, whether you sell or rent out wedding dresses, have a venue or specialize in favors, the infamous Bridezilla is bound to surface at some point in your career. The trick here is to not take anything personally, as her frustration is not with you; there are a lot of pressure points that are tested on a daily basis. For a bride, the planning of her special day is not only one of the most beautiful, but can also be one of the most stressful. It is only a matter of time when some of this stress will rub off on you. This can all be avoided, by creating a platform for this bride to do all her shopping and browsing in the comfort of her own home, sipping a glass of wine and taking in all the advice of her trusted friends and family.

Why would this work?

Any bride anywhere in the world has the same frustration: running around trying to find things that should be readily available. There is just no end to the requirements for that special day.
Depending on whether you would be providing all the related services, there are so many aspects to a wedding that need to be taken care of. These are just a few ideas of what could be available as a product offering to your clients:

  1. The scene is a bride sitting on a chaise, staring out of a beautiful bay window into the distance: green rolling hills and a misty forest in the background. Her hair is perfection, and her jewellery pieces enough to make hearts melt. Her makeup is expertly applied. Her shoes are beside her on the chaise and her purse and shawl as well. The shelf next to the chaise has her fragrance and bouquet. From this photo, there is a wealth of information that can be made available to your client:
    • The bride’s dress supplier or dressmaker details can be added. If pre-made, the sizes can be added as well.
    • If the bride has any hair accessories, this can be tagged separately and the suppliers hereof listed and direct ordering links provided.
    • The jeweller can be added, whether custom made or pre-bought.
    • The fragrance can be tagged as well, and the links provided.
    • Hair, make-up and spa treatments need not be left in the dark.
    • Accessories like purse and shawl, as well as shoes can easily be added.
    • It is not limited to the bride and accessories, you an even tag in the venue, with a link to their packages.
    • The photographer can also be tagged to ensure that all bases are covered.
    • If you want to take it a step further, have plane tickets and a brochure displayed on the shelf beside the fragrance, and honeymoon destinations and carriers can easily be tagged in as well.
  2. The scene is an exquisitely decorated marquee tent, with chandeliers and fairy lights adding much needed lighting. The marquee houses a small stage, with a three piece band. In front of the stage is a wooden deck dance floor. Guests are seated at beautifully decorated tables. Candles float in water features add a soft glow to the reception. Waiters carrying trays of scrumptious dinners are spotted. To the one side, a cake table can be spotted with a three tier cake, ready to be cut. Just next to it is a gift table, which is stacked with colourful gift boxes. A videographer is standing nearby to film the bridal couple as they are about to open the dance floor.
    • The rental services for the marquee, tables, chairs and linens can be added as a dot.
    • The flowers and table decorations are a definite must have.
    • Your clients now have an option to work with lighting companies, as the rental companies may only have standard lighting.
    • The videographer’s details are crucial if you have a bride that requires these services.
    • The band’s information can be listed under different categories, for instance violin players, acoustic guitar, pianists, etc.
    • The caterer and baker’s details can be linked as well.
    • You can add an additional service to your bridal party, and include a gift registry service.

How does imagpic incorporate all this information?

If all of the information were just written on the photo as is, not only would the photo look a bit busy, you would also not be able to make out head or tails of what the photo is trying to tell you. Instead, Imagpic has come up with visible but unobtrusive dots to mark on the photo that further information is available. Once you click on the dot, information such as supplier, price and a possible link is displayed. (See here how it works) You also have the option of displaying all the information that is available on the page in a panel, to ensure you have not missed any information. A lot of research for weddings is now being done on the internet, and by having a one-stop shop for your brides, this will certainly fill the gap. An interesting concept to also add to this would be the groom’s point of view regarding this. By adding a section specifically for the groom that does not only include a suit and shoes, but also details of barbers, where they can find bowties, special socks, custom made wedding bands etc. there is really no need for your customers to shop around. By providing a platform for your client to shop in peace and comfort, the roads to the competitors close down and will ensure that you don’t end up losing business. Internet shopping has become a reality, and this platform is much needed in order to ensure sustainability. What will set you apart from your competitors however; will be in the unique way your products and services are offered.

The Image of Cooking in the Future


These days, everything is shared on social media, and people are also used to having information at their fingertips. There’s a new service that can bring even more information to you in ways you never thought about before. In addition to the influx of information, there is also a wave of DIY sweeping the nation. This includes all things cooking and kitchen. People are wanting to grow their own food, store and save it, and make themselves unique and exciting dishes. People are also looking for ways to save money and make efficient meals for work and home. With the juxtaposition between wanting to be creative and wanting to save money, and wanting to try new cooking trends while also finding ideas for easy meals to take to work. Imagpic is a company with a new idea that can give you a convenient way to display recipes and the accessories that come along with cooking such as flatware, dishes, and linens.

What imagpic Can Do For You

Browsing the Internet has become just a constant barrage of information, and some of the most popular site features a bevy of information in one place, and that is the key. Gone are the days where we find the content we need by browsing through a multitude of links and sites. Instead, we want easy access at our fingertips and we want it all in one place. Imagpic, similar to apps like Houzz, takes pictures and allows you to add links to certain spots in the picture, giving pricing information as well as links to purchase the items. This revolutionizes the way people can consume blogs and the features within them. Rather than reading about a product and having to search for all of the components, one can simply hover over it in a picture and see the price and location.

What imagpic Means for Your Business

Using Imagpic for you cooking or house wares blog can really bring the whole thing together, especially if you are selling wares or wanting to share a new recipe while also showing off your new table setting. There really is no limit to what the program can do for you, and there is so much information that can now be shared in a picture, it will save on linking, typing, and expand on ideas. Whereas before in order to share a product or someone’s recipe there was a lot of hyper linking involved, which meant copy, pasting, and coding, now a simple picture can get the entire point across with as much information as you wish to share. The information shows up as small green dots on the picture ensuring the photo is still enjoyable, and the information is reaccessible as much as you need it.

Imagpic Example Scenarios

For further understanding on just how greatly imagpic can change how you view information and interact with customers, here is a sample of how the program may be used:

Imagine a crisp picture of an arugula salad with cranberries and feta cheese on a lovely blue plate with a whimsical centerpiece and a patterned napkin. In a normal blog situation, there would be an explanation about whatever you’re selling, the recipe, the hand-sewn napkin, the custom sculpted centerpiece, or the plates. With Imagpic, each item is instead tagged in the picture with the price, description, and link to purchase or the salad recipe, cutting down on time spent for you writing and coding as well as for the reader searching for what they are interested in. This means everyone is happy because there is less time spent between reading and doing, which is important when it comes to culinary endeavors. The ease of just posting a picture to create content cuts time, and studies show that people are more interested in minimal, impactful content, meaning that consumers don’t miss the words, preferring instead to get the point of the post as soon as possible.

Scenario Two Features the Site Builder:

This time, see yourself writing about your latest recipe, wanting to share a picture, but wanting to give credit to your friend that made the napkin featured in your picture. If included in the body of your text, it is likely to get overlooked, and just the logistics of adding hyperlinks, explanations, and sending traffic away from your site can be daunting. Instead, having a link on the picture, that will show the price and basic information while hovering is much more likely to be seen, and traffic will stay on your site if they aren’t interested in that particular piece since they know exactly what the link will show them.

Is imagpic Right for Your Blog

In short, probably yes. People are drawn to pictures more than words and love having loads of information right at their fingertips. If you run a cooking blog or site that utilizes pictures at all, chances are people will be interested in the tools you use, the recipes you create, and the plating techniques, and they will be more likely to consume that information if it is laid out in front of them, on one picture that can easily be scrolled over to find the most basic info such as pricing and location, as well as ingredients. Imagpic is the wave of the future in web browsing, right now. Adding it to your blog or shop now will intrigue people, and when they realize the convenience, they’ll spread the info via word of mouth. Try imagpic today for a sense of the ease and accessibility.

Crafting Like Magic: The Imagpic Experience

77H (1)

Historically, arts and crafts have been a pursuit of those who wanted to recycle or beautify, find practical and creative ways to generate a supplementary income, or simply engage in a self enriching hobby. It encouraged people to use their hands, in tandem with their ingenuity, to produce unique items that were value added in one way or another, destined for their own homes or community craft fairs. After the internet age brought its new dimension to bear on our lives, and arts and crafts scene transformed from a local pursuit of those some considered eccentric to a global exercise in e-commerce that most have agreed to be visionary in areas such as social upliftment and a whole lot more. From all four corners of the globe, people from obscure, poverty ridden communities could now export the fruits of their labor and serve up their cultural identity as a formerly unobtainable delicacy to a ravenous foreign consumer base.

The Potter Everyone Now Knows

Cottage industries such as weaving, crocheting, pottery and woodcarving, to name but a few, are now at the forefront of a worldwide phenomenon worth in excess of US$17 billion per year. Of course, this includes fine art which makes up a sizable portion but all told, the figures cannot be ignored. The marketing of items produced by this industry or products used in the manufacturing process has naturally become a prominent part of getting the artisan and their customer together to facilitate trade. Imagpic is an innovation which is set to revolutionize this sector. Anyone who has ever walked through a gallery or browsed a boutique clothing store knows that something which looks good on the wall or rack doesn’t always remain aesthetically pleasing once you get it home. Imagpic is taking the guesswork out of your purchasing experience, showing you, the potential buyer; exactly what you can expect from the product you’ve got your eye on. Similarly, it also promises to offer the would-be artisan a wealth of ideas regarding raw materials, tools and techniques to employ in producing items of their own without compromising intellectual property rights.

How The Wand Is Waved

As any apprentice could testify to, arts and crafts begin with a procedure along the lines of “monkey see, monkey do”. Imitation, as it turns out, is far more than the sincerest form of flattery. Techniques don’t often change. It’s as the saying goes: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. The modern day artist no longer has to seek out a master artisan or join a guild to gain the knowledge needed to get him or her started. While you could watch endless YouTube clips to learn the basics, finding inspiration to get you started creating your own pieces is a little more challenging. You want your items to be unique. You don’t want to have to guess at which tools to use. Ultimately, the source of your inspiration has to help you find your own voice, so to speak.

  • Picture yourself surfing the internet and stumbling onto a new site called imagpic. You see a composite image of a number of pieces of porcelain, along with someone in the process of creating another. Scattered around the workstation you see a microwaveable container, a mixing tool, one measured cupful of corn starch, two measured tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, two measured tablespoons of olive oil or baby oil, two bottles of glue and some lotion. You know all these facts due to highlighted dots or “hotspots” arranged alongside the items in the image. You also know, from hovering over the hot spots, that you need to mix together the corn starch with one cup of glue. Once you’ve done that, you know to add the lemon juice to the mixture, followed lastly by adding the olive oil, and mixing thoroughly. You then microwave your cold porcelain mix five times for 15 seconds at a time, mixing the batch at each interval. Once you’ve completed this process, you knead the mixture with lotion on your hands as well as the surface you’re using. Once it resembles dough in consistency, you seal it in cling wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours. If your cold porcelain comes out of the fridge sticky, add another teaspoon of corn starch. Of course, this just part of the process of creating your final product but, as you explore the image and hover over every hot spot, text boxes will appear giving you value added, step-by-step instructions as well as offering you the option of purchasing the premium items on display from vendors who will deliver your items to your door.

Other featured images apply the same principles to everything from wood sculpting to creating wicker furniture. Imagpic has employed psychology that showed images to retain the attention of the average person for the longest period of time, compared to other types of media, and combined it with an established international industry to bring the avid arts and crafts wiz or seeker of exotic treasures a portal that will satisfy their every need or desire.

The Benefit For The Artisan

Having your product featured to a global client base on a portal designed specifically for the purpose of placing your product in a context which they can identify with is taking crafting to the next level. Going to international arts and crafts fairs to get noticed is a drawn out, expensive exercise. Anyone who has ever tried to get their wares noticed in catalogs will also know how frustrating it can be. Imagpic takes all the guesswork out of making the correct marketing decision for your product line. From a B2B perspective, the same principle applies. If you’re starting out, sourcing tools and raw materials at competitive prices can be a challenge. Even those who have been in the arts and craft industry for some time may well find imagpic becoming their new go-to sourcing platform. Through combining extensive sourcing of the highest quality products, materials and tools along with the ability to showcase these in the best possible value added way, imagpic is quite simply the best choice for anyone interested in the arts and crafts industry.

A Picture Has a Thousand Destinations, Thanks to imagpic


Why are people not travelling, even when they can afford it? 

Often, the biggest reason people don’t travel, is because they do not have the right information at their fingertips. The biggest issue when hosting travel seminars that crop up, is surprisingly not lack of funds. The general public is just not sure what is all involved in terms of getting to their sought after holiday destination. Often, all the requirements are not on the same page and would be travelers are left negotiating the internet and trying to remember where they read what information. The most frustrating thing for any would-be traveler is not the lack of information; it is how the information is packaged. Rummaging through sites or various pages has been found to be counter-effective. Chances are good that travelers end up postponing, or looking for destinations where they feel a little more secure, probably somewhere they’ve been before. Imagpic understands this dilemma, and would like to resolve this issue for travel agencies.

How will imagpic help?

Think of your favorite websites. The ones you love most are the ones where you don’t have to continuously flip to new screens and then lose the information on the previous screen. The ones you end up loving the most are the ones that have all the information at your fingertips, and in an easy to read format. Think of applications like Houzz. If you are able to package all the travelling requirements in one easy to manage application, not only will it ensure a happy customer, it will also increase your footprint as your customers start talking about the ease of using your site. The aim is to have one photo that says it all. The pictures would be of well-known destinations, and the information linked to it would be whatever a traveler would want to see on one page. This is where the agency can be very creative, often there is more than one person that has been to a certain destination, and key information would have helped them on their travels. Let’s take a photo of a tourist in South Africa for instance.

Things to recommend for a country like South Africa to a would-be traveler can include the following:

  • If it is a Safari holiday in the Kruger National Park, the traveler needs to go for Malaria shots. They would also need to have sun protective gear, and good walking shoes. Clothing recommended in this area during summer, would be shorts, denims, or chino type pants, and cool shirts. For trails, jeans or other long pants are recommended or hiking socks to prevent snake bites, ticks from long grass, etc. UV protective sunglasses are recommended and definitely wide brimmed hats. Sling bags are handy to have, however, take care of pickpockets. Look for accommodations that have safes in the rooms in order for valuables to remain safe. Swimming gear can be taken, however, not all rivers, lakes or dams are safe. Travelers need to be sure that the area is safe by confirming with the tour guides. Excursions to nearby tourist destinations can also be linked to the photo.
  • If it is a holiday in a city and night time entertainment is important, local restaurants and clubs can be linked to the photo, including hotels, bed and breakfasts and lodges. Nearby attractions and danger areas can also be highlighted.

You can also include handy links to local stores that have special offers, for instance, if the traveler wants to go to Tanzania, a nice link to add to the page would be if a local company offers a reduced price on hot air balloon rides over the Serengeti.

Will all this information not obscure the photo?

The photo will have highlighted dots applicable to that section of the photo, for instance, if there is a plate of food in the photo, once the cursor moves over that specific spot, all the information regarding local restaurants and chosen eateries are displayed. The same goes for other aspects of the photo. Creativity is really key here, and the travel agency determines where this will go. You will also have the option of having all this info displayed in an information bar, as opposed to clicking on the dots. This helps bring all the information together. It really is possible for a picture to say a thousand words with imagpic.

Why choose imagpic?

Imagpic is a dedicated to creating a workable solution for your travel agency. The aim of the company is to make travel websites more user friendly, and increase foot traffic to these websites. It is important for travelers to have a great environment in order to make some life changing decisions. Once the travel bug has bitten, travelers often go back for more, and each experience is ingrained into their memories. The worst thing for any travel agency to experience is a customer who came back from a trip, unhappy about the destination as they have been ill informed. A lot of people don’t want to read through an entire dictionary of information, however, if it is packaged in a simple format like a photo with highlighted areas, the chances are good that the would-be traveler is more likely to soak up the information. Sometimes it is not what information is presented; it is in the way it I presented. Imagpic wants to take all the guesswork out of this, and bring the picture home to the traveler. By allowing Imagpic to apply their skills in order to make the travel website more marketable and user friendly for the end user, a healthy result of this would not only be the increase in foot traffic as discussed earlier, but also a happy customer. A happy customer is worth more than 10 prospects, as a happy customer has a word of mouth account of their experience, they will promote your business and they are likely to use your services again in future.

Fashion at Your Fingertips


Scrolling through endless magazines to get some fashion inspiration is not an easy task if you don’t have the time on your hands. The world has become a place of readily available information, and whoever is the quickest to provide the information, is the one who gets the foot traffic and satisfied clients.

This is not limited to the financial, business or retail environment. The fashion industry is no exception to the rule and should accept that there is quite a bit of competition in terms of capturing a market willing to spend. Remember the instances where you page through a high end fashion magazine, and you fall in love with an outfit. To your utter dismay, the only details available are those for the earrings as that is what is actually being advertised. All the rest are labelled as model’s own. It’s up to you to find these items individually on various clothing house websites, Amazon, etc.

Fashion Friendly Shopping

Shopping for fashionable gear should be a walk in the park, and having everything right at your fingertips is what imagpic sets out to do. When you look at an image, it should do more than brighten up a page, it should in fact be an open platform in which to delight your customers. Photo shoot styling should be set up in such a way that as much information as possible is available to your customer. When looking at a photo, there should be nothing in it that is not available to your customer. Model’s own will not be a problem for shoppers, as they browse even the tiniest detail. The limits to what your customers have access to, is determined solely by you.

How does imagpic bring the photo to life?

Your customers will now be able to scroll through endless photos and marking products they wish to purchase. The image will not be obscured, as dots highlight areas where your customer can browse for information on the product. The dots will not obscure the greater image; however, will be clear enough for your potential customers to see. There is really no limit of what can be included, and this is at the user’s discretion.

What would a typical photo contain?

An example of this would be a photo of a fashion model, in a summer shoot, wearing a bikini, sandals and having numerous accessories around her.

The following is what could be done:

  • You can tag her sandals, and have available stockists linked to the dot. You can go as far as having links or even Geotag them. Internet based companies can also be linked, and will be directed to their sites with ease.
  • You can tag her bikini, and even have the option of adding information on other available styles be revealed when one of the dots are clicked.
  • All the accessories can also be tagged, to ensure that maximum use of the photo is explored.
  • Background items, for instance, a handbag on a counter or a pair of sunglasses on the coffee table can also be tagged, and therefore will provide your client with full accessibility to every fashion piece in the photo.

Why use imagpic?

Shoppers are geared towards convenience nowadays, as days are getting shorter and lives are getting busier. Whether you are a young executive or a busy mom or dad, popping out to the shops in order to pull together a few outfits is just not as easy as it seems nowadays. The flipside of this is where you are able to run into a shop, buy what you want, and then get stuck because you don’t have suitable accessories or shoes to complete the outfit. The difficult part about shopping at a store, is that full outfits and accessories aren’t grouped together, which requires you to run around the shop looking for stuff. Pairing might not be as easy as it sounds, and it would end up taking a lot of time. Not only will you be running around various shops, looking for the perfect pieces, you will also have to compete with other shoppers to get to the items first. You also run the risk of the items being out of stock, and unfortunately you will only know this when you get there. By using imagpic, you can scroll through a selection of photo books, and collect items in your basket along the way. This can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no worries of running into crazy last item people. Drinking a cup of tea, and listening to your favourite music, with your feet up is definitely a more convenient way to do shopping than running around popping from shop to shop. The era of one stop shopping has arrived, and its important the set the benchmark for the competitors, as opposed to following on something already been done by someone else. Online shopping is the way many shoppers are now spending their money, and it is important to put your shop on the map. The fashion world is no different. In fact, it is growing at a rapid rate as it saves retailers on the actual floor space, rental and overheads.

Are there different options?

The choices here are only limited by your imagination. Bear in mind that each photo that is displayed on your website is an opportunity to not only gain a customer; it is also an opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction. You can incorporate different styles or different looks in the same frame. A perfect example of this would be incorporating a family mock-up that even includes the family. A steadily growing market is that of pet fashion, and by incorporating this into your shoot, you will gain a larger audience. The how is not the important question to ask, as that is easily resolved by design teams and a few brainstorming sessions. The when is crucial here, as every day you are not offering this to your clients, someone else just may.